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Patients – Getting a Covid-19 Test

Step 1: Call your health care provider. 

Remember: Patients cannot order tests for themselves. If you do not have health insurance, you can enroll through a special coronavirus enrollment period at Maryland Health Connection. If you do not have a provider, please contact the health department in your county to be connected to a provider.

Step 2: Your health care provider will order a test and help you schedule at the most convenient site. 

If your provider determines that you need a test, he or she will order the test. Tell your provider which test site is most convenient for you. The state’s major sites are listed in the table below. If you receive an order confirmation code, keep it handy.

  • If you are testing at a VEIP site (or other CRISP* site), you will receive an email or text with an order confirmation code and instructions to schedule your appointment after your provider places a test order using CRISP. 

  • If you are testing at another site, you will contact the testing site directly to schedule after your provider places a test order. 

Note: Some sites charge a fee for service.

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